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News from Sangreal Boxer Kennel

Actual News of Sangreal Boxer Kennel

August 2020

Hungária Boxer Klub Várszegi memorial Trophy and Szilvásvárad CACIB Show results

Sangreal Zarina intermediate Class
(Clubshow) EXC1 -CAC
Handler,co owner: Veronika Benkő
Glázer György, Orcsik István, Csatári Andrea

Sangreal Versailles
Open class
Exc 1-CAC

With This title Versailles finished Hungaria Show Champion Requirements
Owner Balázs Malovecz
Glázer György, Orcsik István, Gröschl Ferenc

Goofy Hard Box Dark Angel
Várszegi Memorial Trophy
Open Class
Best Adult Brindle Female
Best Adult Female
judge Csatári Andrea

July 2020

Hungária Boxer Klub Jahressieger and Central European Boxer Show results

Sangreal Zarina intermediate Class
Handler,co owner: Veronika Benkő
Monika Kuriata-Okarmus Radványi Tamás

Sangreal Dita
Junior class EXC 4
Tünde Andrássiné Kottlár
Judge: Robert Fagos

Sangreal Versailles
Open class
Exc 4
Exc 3
Owner Balázs Malovecz

Sangreal Panamera
Ch Class Winner
Central European Vicewinner  fawn female
Judge Tamás Radványi

February 2020


Sangreal Tiny Shiny Diamond qualified Hungària Show Champion title
open class
Handler: Andrássiné Kotlár Tünde

2CAC-1CACIB-1Best of breed

Sangreal Ancona
Junior Class
Handler: Polereczkiné Kis Anita
Hungaria Prima Junior

Sangreal Dita
Handler: Andrássiné Kotlár Tünde
Puppy Class
2Very Promising -2Best Puppy


Presidests Cup CACIB Budapest

Sangreal Zarina at age of 10 months qualified Hungària Junior Champion title
Handler: Benkő Veronika

Sangreal Box You are The Best
Exc 1 CAC in Intermedia Class

Hungaria Boxer  Klub
Clubwinner Show 2019

Sangreal Box Zarina
Junior Clubwinner fawn female

Judge: Glázer György

Handler and Co owner : Veronika Benkő

Sangreal Box Utopia
Clubwinner Fawn female

Sangreal Box Nolan
Champion Class Winner

Goofy Hard Box Dark Angel
Junior Class Exc 4.

Sangreal Box Ankara
Puppy Class Winner

Sangreal Tiny Shiny Diamond

Owner: Andrássi Fruzsina
Handler: Fruzsina and Nikos Papadopoulos

Dog Show Arad-Romania 2019
2019. 09. 21.
judges: Bojan Matakovic (CRO), Gröschl Ferenc (HU)
Acchieved Románián Champion Title

2 x CAC Dog Show Kecskemét Jakabszállás
2019. 09. 22.
2 x CAC
Judges: Szabó Sándor (HU) , Peter F. Berchtold (A)

Sangreal Box Zarina
(Oliviero del colle Dell Infinito- Sangreal Box Panamera)

2 x CAC Dog Show Kecskemét Jakabszállás
2019. 09. 22.
2 x Very Promising 1 / 2*Best Puppy
Judges: Szabó Sándor (HU) , Peter F. Berchtold (A)

Handler : Veronika Benkő

MAY 2019
25-26. May

Oradea/ Nagyvárad

Daughter of Panni and Oliviero Del Colle dell Infinito, Sangreal Zarina's ,first show entry in baby class fawn females finalist 3 place of 18 super babies
Sangreal Panamera champion class with 18 beautiful females finalist 3.-rd placed Handler : Vladimir Zutic

Super amazing and exhausting weekend behind us . Panni and also her daughter Zara made excellent job in their classes.We are on the moon with our two finalists 💕🏆
Panni was third time in ATIBOX final with age of 3,5 years I am very happy and so proud of her 🐾
We would like to say thank You for the nice critics the honorable judges Liz Railling and György Glázer .

Sangreal Nolan stayed in the best 10 dogs in open class with lovely words from Ingeborg Sonnweber .

Her Daughter with exactly 9 months of age stayed in the best 6 in the youth class with judge Juan Manuel Martinez Perez .
Sangreal Zofia got a nice critics from Papp Vasile Carol in baby class.

Thank You for everybody who helped and supported us !

26.05.2019 NDS Zrenjanin.

Sangreal Box Tender Touch

CAC / BOB 🥇🏆
Judge: Emil Muncan
Co owner and handler :Danijela Tibor Goja

The half brother of Tender Touch acchived BEST junior on the same show
Grand Prix Gevgelija 2019
Sangreal Tiny Shiny Diamond 💎🐾💕

Szombat 25.05...

Nyílt osztály
Bíró : Serafino Bueti (IT)
Vasárnap 26.05
Bíró : Sissy Adramitli (GR)
Champion Macedonia
Handler: Nikos Papadopoul

APRIL 2019
27. April

Hungaria Boxer Klub
Jahressieger Show 2019

Goofy Hard Box Dark Angel (Cuki)
Puppy Class Winner
Best Puppy

Paola Micara Watten
Inese Pablaka

Our other results on this show

Sangreal Box Ankara baby class winner
Sangreal Box Ancona baby class second place
Sangreal Box Vogue intermediate class winner
Sangreal box Versailles intermediate class winner
Sangreal Box Tiny Shiny Diamond open class VG

21. April

National Dogshow Bajmok (SRB)

Sangreal Box Tiny Shiny Diamond
Open Class winner
Best of Breed

judge : Tibor Bosnjak

07. April

National Dogshow

Sangreal Box Utopia
Intermediate Class Excellent 1 CAC-BOS

Sangreal Box Versailles
Intermediate Class Excellent 1 CAC

Sangreal Box Vogue
Intermediate Class Excellent 1 CAC

Petra Bogataj

MARCH 2019
04. March

We have done it!!

We are very pleased to announce the result of the
year 2018 pointcontest Hungaria Boxer Klub

Sangreal Boxer Kennel is the  most succesfull Boxer Kennel of the year 2018

Sangreal Box Panamera -The  Most sucesful Boxer of HBK 2018
Sangreal Box Nolan - The 3 th .most succesful Boxer of HBK 2018

Congratulation to all owners of the dogs breed by us and hereby I would like to say thank You for Your work and presistence and wish all of You lots of succes for the year 2019 also!

7-8-9-10 February

CACIB Winter Dogshow Budapest


Gerhard Pölinger Soire
Miroslav Vaclavik
Radványi Tamás
Erdős László

Open Class 2 times Excellent 1 -CAC -resCACIB

Intermediate Class-Excelent 1-CAC-RESCACIB
owner Balázs Malovecz

Sangreal Box Vogue

Intermediate Class-Excelent 1-CAC
Owner Kinga Sebestyén

Sangreal Tiny Shiny Diamond

Intermediate Class-Excelent 1-CAC
Owner:Fruzsi Andrássi

Sangreal You are the Best
Junior Class 2 Excellent2.

CACIB Dogshow Skopje

Intermediate Class-Excelent 1-CAC-CACIB

New Macedonian Champion
Owner:Vidàk I.


Our A  litter arrived from the following combination

Sire: Negus Ursatobox
Dam: Sangreal Lou Lou

7 females (4 fawn, 2 brindle (1 died)  , 1 white)
reservations will be open after 15 February


Our Z litter arrived puppies are not available from this litter

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